Luvente and BPJ

Luvente and BPJ

This month we are highlighting one of our Brand Partners, LUVENTE. Although Barry Peterson Jewelers takes pride on creating our own custom jewelry, there are some things we just don't have time to make. That is why we turn to Luvente, to bring you more big city style options to the Wood River Valley.

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To place an order, call the store or email with style # and variety information.

Read more about about this brand from the company itself below...

Luvente is a thoroughly modern jewelry brand steeped in time-honored craftsmanship. Cofounded by jewelry veterans Michael Dabakarov and Daniel Dabakarov—who together bring decades of industry experience to the brand—Luvente specializes in fine jewelry that ranges from innovative and trend-driven to timeless and traditional.

An unwavering commitment to impeccable customer service forms the backbone of Luvente’s ethos and daily operations. It’s our mission to support our retail partners on every front, from shipping in-stock styles to retail locations on short notice to guaranteeing the workmanship of every Luvente jewel for the life of the piece. We also work with partners to create special one-of-a-kind pieces.

All of our jewelry is designed in our facility in NYC. And because we handle so many facets of our business in our own facility, we’re able to offer our styles at remarkably accessible prices. We offer a wide range of styles (literally hundreds of skus) at varying price points, which makes us particularly beloved by younger, self-purchasing jewelry buyers, and consumers looking for meaningful ways to commemorate life’s major milestones. Luvente means “love the events of life.” We’re here for you, so your clients can find that perfect piece to celebrate every special occasion.


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