May 04, 2020

In order to protect our families and yours, Barry Peterson Jewelers Showroom will not be open for walk-ins until further notice. We still are available to serve you by appointment only!

 Please call the store phone (208-726-5202) or text our cell (208-309-5036) between 10am-4pm to schedule a private viewing of our jewelry and giftware items. Currently, we only allow two people maximum in our showroom per appointment. Facial masks will be required to be worn at all times.

We are available for jewelry and watch repairs with new curbside protocol for intake and pick up of items.

At time of scheduling, you will need to provide the following information to the best of your ability:

  1. Type of jewelry or Watch (Brand Name, Style, Serial Number)
  2. Type of metal (Silver, 18K, 14K, Gold, Platinum, etc.)
  3. Type of stone or pearl, if any
  4. Any blemishes, missing stones, or missing parts on item to repair

You are required to have each item needing repair placed in individual plastic bags for us to receive them. During drop off, we ask for your patience in waiting 10 min while we clean your items and confirm accuracy of intake details. Once details are confirmed, we will bring you a claim ticket signifying the repair job has been accepted and will be worked on in the order items are received.

Customers picking up repaired items will be required to pay for item over the phone with a credit/debit card or inform us that cash or check will be filled out and presented at time of pick up.


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Glossary of Jewelry Terms

KT: (Karat) refers to the fineness of gold: one karat is equal to 1/24th part of pure gold in an alloy.

18KTY: 18 Karat Yellow Gold
18KTW: 18 Karat White Gold
18KTR: 18 Karat Rose Gold
14KTY: 14 Karat Yellow Gold
14KTW: 14 Karat White Gold

14KTR: 14 Karat Rose Gold

CT: (Carat)  

CTW: (Total Carat Weight) The term refers to the sum of the weights of all diamonds mounted in a piece of jewelry.

SHANK: refers to the band of the ring or the part that actually encircles your finger. Most shanks are round, but there are also square shaped-shanks and other more creative shapes.

GIA : Gemological Institute of America; known as the leading authority for gemology internationally.

GIA Color Grading Scale: The GIA scale begins with the letter D, representing colorlessness, and continues with increasing presence of color to the letter Z, representing light yellow, light brown or light gray. The 23 color grades on the GIA Color Scale (or diamond color chart) are subdivided into five subcategories, which are: colorless (D-F); near colorless (G-J); faint (K-M); very light (N-R); and light (S-Z).

GIA Diamond Clarity Scale: The GIA Diamond Clarity Scale has 6 categories, some of which are divided, for a total of 11 specific grades.