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If you are looking for a large rollerball with an stunning design, this is the one for you!

Divina is a new writing instruments collection including Fountain Pen, Roller, Ballpoint and Sketch Pen 3.2.

Such as its elder brother - the system Divine Proportion of which it keeps the basic shape, the golden ratio and several technical features - this new line is also inspired by the Golden Number.

From the pure aesthetic point of view we notice the missing of the Golden Spiral originally embedded in the cap and body of the Divine Proportion. This represents a simplification in style and construction method in this collection (as suggested by the name, just Divina), with the result of a smooth and original design, more suitable for daily use.

Made in the purest celluloid (the gold of pen-makers) in an exclusive color called “Desert Springs”, Divina has in its genes all the features of a great and exclusive collection. 

For this reason Visconti decided to number its every single item: either it is a fountain pen or a roller, a ballpoint or a sketch pen, each instrument is limited to the magic number of 1618.

Dimensions: 5.8 inches closed
Barrel without cap: 5.3 inches


A writing instrument that changes the traditional design rules of pen-making. The Divina collection was inspired by three distinctive elements: the Golden Ratio, which according to the classical Greek sculptor Phidias contains the key of knowledge. The number is 1,618, and it corresponds to what is considered a “particularly aesthetic ratio.” This ratio repeatedly occurs in nature, and in fact it defines the “ideal relation,” an arithmetic measure that is enjoyable for the eye, also called “golden mean proportion” or “golden section.”

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