Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend, Especially When They Are From Spain

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend, Especially When They Are From Spain

Barry Peterson Jewelers continues to bring you quality craftsmanship with tasteful bling for your neckline. Getting ready for all our holiday shoppers, we have recently restocked our floor with paper clip earrings, diamonds by the yard, elegant pave hoops and more from this fabulous brand: FACET.

Facet Barcelona emerged from humble beginnings in 1987 to become a respected, international leader in fine jewelry. Through hard work and innovation, the past 30 years have seen Facet Barcelona grow into a powerhouse of design, manufacturing, and distribution, which presently employs over 500 people around the globe.

With a vertically integrated manufacturing model, the company controls the quality and design of its collections as few other can, offering extraordinary, ethically sourced jewelry to retailers worldwide.

The company utilizes technologically advanced, streamlined manufacturing processes and diamond procurement operations to bring its customers incredible value while closely monitoring gems for quality and consistency.

Reliability, innovation and professionalism are the core values that sustain their business. They are strong supporters of human rights across the globe and share the values which emanate from the UN World Pact. Facet Barcelona adheres to the System of Warranties which assures the legitimate source of the diamonds.

They guarantee that their diamonds are conflict free based on the system of mutual warranties established by the Kimberly Process which regulates the fair practice of the world diamond trade.

View select Facet products only in our showroom, so come on down today!

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