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Collection: TANE Mexico 1942

First bursting onto the scene almost 80 years ago in Mexico City, with its avant–garde designs, TANE became a household name, as well as the go–to place for elegant products, delicately and exquisitely handmade in silver and gold.

Famous for its clean-lined designs and distinctive shapes, all crafted in the most precious metals, TANE's stunning pieces are inspired by its Mexican roots as well as the country's ancient craftsmanship. TANE's workmanship is widely recognized as unsurpassed, and each piece is handcrafted by the company's talented artisans in their own workshops in Mexico.

Founded in 1942, the company has continuously and consistently created stunning pieces of jewelry for women and men, contemporary objects of the highest quality, as well as museum-worthy art pieces.

TANE Mexico 1942

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