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Design with Us!

Looking to personalize a gift for someone special?
Wanting to turn a family heirloom into a modern piece you'll love wearing?
Barry specializes in custom, handmade jewelry!
Give us a little direction in what you're trying to create by preparing answers to the questions below, then book your consultation with Barry by calling 208-726-5202  or emailing Rebecca@BarryPeterson.com.
No idea where to start designing?
Here are a few questions you should prepare yourself to answer...
(feel free to use the images below and our Glossary of Jewelry Terms to help guide you).
1. What type of jewelry do you want to create?
(Necklace, Earring, Bracelet, Belly Ring, etc.)
2. What type of metal would you like us to use?
(Platinum; Yellow, Rose or White Gold; 14k or 18k; Sterling Silver)
3. What type and size of stones would you like to use?
(Diamond, Emerald, Citrine; 0.5ct, 2.0ct, 0.05ct, etc.)
4. What will this piece of jewelry mean to you or the person you're giving it to? (romantic love, family history, fashion statement)