Snowflake Diamond Star Pendant

Glossary of Jewelry Terms

The "Snowflake" has become a Barry Peterson Jewelers signature line, with a rich heritage reflecting Barry's exquisite craftsmanship. Barry created the gold and diamond Snowflake, a collection based on a traditional seasonal motif representing the beauty of winter. The "Snowflake" glitters with a diamond and gold, set in the original design. The beautiful Pendant can be purchased in a variety of sizes and gems. Including Custom orders are welcome.

0.10CT Diamond 18KTW Star Snowflake Pendant 20mm

0.04CT Diamond 18KTW Star Snowflake Pendant 15mm 

0.01CT Diamond 18KTW Star Snowflake Pendant 10mm

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Glossary of Jewelry Terms

18KTY: 18 Karat Yellow Gold
18KTW: 18 Karat White Gold
18KTR: 18 Karat Rose Gold
14KTY: 14 Karat Yellow Gold
14KTW: 14 Karat White Gold
14KTR: 14 Karat Rose Gold