Wagon Days

For those who have never experienced our Wagon Days, you should know it's a Ketchum, Idaho Tradition!

Since 1958, the City of Ketchum has celebrated its mining history with the largest non-motorized parade in the west. The Big Hitch Parade features quality buggies, carriages, carts and stagecoaches, and The grand finale ... the “Big Hitch,” historic Lewis Ore Wagons pulled by a 20-mule team on a jerkline. Our store sits traditionally on the parade route and is not only one of the best spots to watch the parade, but the people watching is even better. We love how people dress up and celebrate the heritage of the old west not only in spirit but with fashion as well! 

This is why we ask, "What are you wearing for Wagon Days this year?"

Western fashion was originally formed from function, but took a more fashionable tone during the Mid 20th century. From Bolo Ties and silver necklaces featuring the precious Native American stone: Turquoise. We've seen Jimi Hendricks, Jerry Garcia, Lenny Kravitz and Cher all have sported the layered western look with such accessories it's hard to believe this style will ever go out of fashion. But how do we update the traditional look with a more modern spin?